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Due to current economic conditions, DCFHR is forced to limit the horses needing to come to DCFHR to those seized by law enforcement.   Other horses who are  rideable and who could be rehabilitated and relocated to new homes given the right nutrition and care will be considered on a case-by-case basis.   At this time we are not taking older horses for retirement purposes.  It is not our policy to give tax credit for donated horses; tax credits are given for donation of much-needed supplies.  Please keep your purchase receipts when you buy items for the DCFHR horses.

To view and print our Equine Donation Policy in PDF format, click here.



Dancing Cloud Farm Horse Rescue, Inc.‘s (DCFHR) policy is to accept donations of equines from their owners on a case-by-case basis.


DCFHR accepts horses, donkeys, mules, ponies, and miniature horses on a case-by-case basis.

DCFHR requires that all donated equines have a current, negative Coggins test. If the equine’s owner is unable to provide a current, negative Coggins test, DCFHR may waive this requirement upon a unanimous vote of the directors.

DCFHR also requests that the equine’s owner provide veterinary records documenting vaccination history, dates of any dental work, and description of any treatment for illnesses or injuries.

DCFHR cannot accept an equine who has EIA as a donation.

All donated equines must be accompanied by a signed donation contract. By signing, the donor agrees that he/she is giving up all rights to the equine and transferring the equine to DCFHR. The donor also agrees that there are no outstanding liens against the equine.

DCFHR can refuse the donation of any equine for any reason at any time until the equine is in the care of a DCFHR foster home and a donation contract has been signed.

Equine Relinquishment Form

A. General Information

Name _______________________________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________________

City, ST, ZIP _________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone Work/Cell Phone ___________________________________________________________

Email Address ________________________________________________________________________

B. Equine Information

Equine Name_______________________________________________________ Age ____________

Breed Color, Markings, Brands, etc _____________________________________________________


Current negative Coggins? (circle one) Yes No

Current Vaccinations? (circle one) Yes No

Note: Current Coggins form and records of vaccinations must be attached.

Current equine worming program: _______________________________________________________

Current Feeding Program: _____________________________________________________________

Veterinarian’s Name: _________________________________________________________________

Veterinarian’s Address: _______________________________________________________________


Veterinarian’s Phone Number: ____________________________________________

I, the undersigned, agree to relinquish all ownership, rights and interest in the above referenced equine to Dancing Cloud Farm Horse Rescue, Inc. I certify that no claims or liens exist against said equine to the best of my knowledge. However, if any claims or liens were placed on the equine while in my custody, I assume full responsibility for such and will not hold DCFHR liable. If legal proceedings are initiated against myself or DCFHR arising from my custody or care of said equine, I agree to assume full responsibility and hereby release DCFHR from all liability.

In signing this contract, I attest that I am voluntarily releasing custody of the above referenced equine completely and fully to DCFHR. I understand that in such cases DCFHR policies do not fully address specific or unforeseen situations, DCFHR will determine what is necessary and take such action, to the best of their ability, so as to ensure that the best interests of the equine are met.

This contract supersedes any prior understanding and oral or written agreement between the undersigned and DCFHR. No amendment or variation of this contract shall be effective unless in writing and signed by or on behalf of each of the parties hereto.

Owner’s Signature                                                                               Date

______________________________                                             _________________

DCFHR Representative Signature                                                    Date

______________________________                                             _________________