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I Saved Your Horse

(adapted by Amber Taylor from I Adopted Your Dog Today ~ unknown)

 I saved your horse today
 I saw him at the auction tied and bound
 The horse you had for ten years
 And no longer wanted around 

 I saved your horse today
 Did you know that hes lost weight?
 Did you know that hes scared to death
 And has given up all faith? 

I saved your horse today
Hes thin and his eyes are cold
Guess you dont care what shape hes in
As you abandoned him, Im told 

I saved your horse today
Were you having a baby or moving away?
Did you suddenly develop allergies
Or could no longer afford his hay?

I saved your horse today
He expects me to lay a harmful touch
Hes head shy and has been abused
It will take time for him to trust

I saved your horse today
Hes loved more each and every day
Hes found his forever home with me
And a warm stall in which to lay 

I saved your horse today
I will give him all he needs
With patience, love and security