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From Melanie at Hidden Springs Horse Rescue in Marianna, Florida:

December 2008:  "I just took in two jennies that are so weak from starvation that they cannot stand.  We have to turn them every three hours, feed them small amounts every hour, and they are heavy duty care.  I have a total of 23 horses and donkeys right now.  In order to transport the jennies here, I had to pick them up, put them onto burlap sacks, and pull them up the ramp into my trailer.  Then I had to get rubber mats at home and drag them off the trailer into a stall.  We just built a new barn with wood-sided stalls (don't have the stall doors on yet--we need first to get some money together to do that) in the pasture behind the existing barn and built a fence around it to have a nice little barnyard there as well.  So, the two jennies were unloaded there and are quarantined away from the other animals.  My vet did not pull a Coggins on them as she was not sure whether or not they would survive because of their weakened condition.  I could not put them in the regular quarantine pasture because they need shelter and have to have a place where I am able to hook up a sling to hoist them up in the air."


                        This is "Polly"