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DCFHR volunteers first met Sundance on Saturday, February 28, and realizing there was not a day to spare to save his life, rescued Sundance the next day.  If Sundance could talk, if he could hug those who have helped him, he would join us all in saying THANK YOU!


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Update on Sundance


(above on left)  March 3, 2009.  Here is a picture of Sundance in his "critter-cal" care unit.

(above on right) Thank you, Sherri Hamilton Hingson, for sending Sundance these brand new blankets to keep him warm.  Thank you to her Mom and Dad, Lena and Jim Hamilton, for bringing them, along with numerous other useful articles, all the way from Lake City, Florida.

(on right)  March 5, 2009:  Sundance has finally realized that it is okay to stretch out in the shavings and snooze.  He knows now he won't die if he goes down.  He is anxious each visit to clean his plate and get out to hand graze.  He enjoys talking with the other horses.  His eyes are beautiful and bright.

"Thank you" to everyone who has sent donations and prayers!

(below) March 23, 2009:  Looks like Sundance has a special friend.


April 10, 2009, from Anne Campbell, Secretary for DCFHR, and faithful volunteer:

When I went to the rescue on Friday and looked at Sundance, I thought, "Finally".  Finally, he is filling out to the point where it is noticeable.  His spine is still prominent, but not nearly as much as it once was.  His ribs are beginning to cover with a little flesh and his thighs look more muscular.

Sundance is rather odd looking right now with the complete shedding of all of his hair.  The fungus that so often comes with hairy, starved horses has attacked him with a vengeance from head to hoof; his hair has fallen out to the bare skin; but if you look closely, fine golden peach fuzz is growing on the bare spots.  He is going to really be a "Sundance" with his golden coloring.

He has been cooperative in everything I have asked him to do.  He has learned to wait patiently while he is haltered and waits for permission to come out of his stall.  Of course, he is always anxious to start grazing.  We graze a little and work on ground manners.  The first few times Sundance trotted up and down the driveway, he was tired out; but now he has a spring in his trot and is ready to go again.  It is hard not to get attached to this little horse.

We at Dancing Cloud Farm Horse Rescue are so glad that we have Sundance as a reminder every day that we CAN make a difference.  The sad thing is that for every horse like Sundance that we rescue, there are probably 100 on one ever sees and they never get the help they need.